Twitter List

Welcome to the twitter page. if you are looking/reading this then you might be interested in starting to use CPD on twitter. here are some great eduction people i think you should follow and they all great friends too


  1. @classroom_story
  2. @Mrs_NLC
  3. @bucharesttutor
  4. @natfantastic
  5. @MisiesD
  6. @babatate
  7. @Laura_987
  8. @misshbond
  9. @TeachToAll
  10. @Teaching_LMP
  11. @MaudMonaghan
  12. @learning_mind
  13. @MrsKrabapple
  14. @173Katie
  15. @paulshanks1974
  16. @pearlyadder
  17. @nickotkdIV
  18. @cherrylkd
  19. @joanne_rich
  20. @esafetyadviser
  21. @ianaddison
  22. @TheHeadsOffice

im sure i am forgoting a few and im sorry if i am just let me know if you think i am or if you want to be in this list let me know.

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