1 Project: Blogs Directory

Welcome to my first project in eduction, my first project that I will be doing is called blogs directory.

About It

My blog directory will be focusing on teacher blogs and so if you have are teacher or even  a education professional and you have a blog you are welcome to enter it into my directory. as some of you may know someone else is already making  a directory map focusing on class blogs so that’s why I’m not focusing on them but i am happy to list them as then there will be more ways for people to find and read them.

How to enter it

if you would like your blog to be put in the   blog directory I’m making then please contact me on twitter @DJTom3 or who can contact me below this page where you can leave a comment or you e-mail me at – tpn@btinternet.com with subject called Blog Education Directory  or if you just want to find more please leave a comment below or send me a tweet on twitter

Thanks Tom




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