Panorama (I want my baby back)

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This is a blog post about the panorama programme that was on tonight. Called I want my baby back. and I haven’t watched it but I will watch it tomorrow and share my thoughts after watching it but these are my thoughts before watching it.

I haven’t watched the panorama programme about (I want my baby back) yet but i will watch it tomorrow. I think its wrong when they get taken away for the wrong reasons and that’s disgraceful. but also because generally in life we most of the time hear all about the bad things on TV that people don’t realise that lots do get taken away because of abuse or concerns etc. its certainly a job I don’t think I would want to do because 1 if you don’t make a choice to take the child away and something happened you would be to blame and for also if they do it the other way around its the same really expect you would to be blame for that – the child shouldn’t of been taken away and so on.. if you get my point?

I think from seeing other peoples post about similar things saying like SS (Social Services  and doctors etc aren’t always right and the idea others and you want is that  – People to be always alright and I think that would be great if we could live in a world where we are always right to stop mistakes happening in like SS (Social Services) but sadly that isn’t every going to happen and none of us are always right. and I suppose if life was like that  based on views then life would be boring.
If you haven’t watched the programme or even if you have please share with me in the comment section how can we get things right in SS (Social Services)?. All I ask is that you don’t give the programme too much away for those that haven’t watched it.
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Ukedchat The Aftermouth

On October the 18 on thrusday evening at 8pm when most people are having there dinner or watching tv I was on twitter with amgoust many others as normal on a thursday night as its ukedchat night.

Ukedchat is a weekly chat on twitter where all eductors are welcome to join and lots of them to chat about a topic that they voted for during the week and on the 18th which is now around 2 weeks ago i hosted it for the first time.

I put up the topics up during the week and here im going to explain my top 3 and why i chose them

1 was called – Learning Mentors – should every school have a learning mentor and would you employ one if funding came back?

I chose this topic as felt it was important topic to talk about i think if possible all primary and secondary school should have one but in 2004 I belive the funding was taking away and only some schools have them now, some schools may not need them and as funding is also not there some go without and i guess some are ok to do that as not all the schools may not have all proberms that learning mentors deal with but i also do think there some that may need one in that the proberms and so I wanted to see what ukedchat community thought and i had planned to quite in depth too to talk about other issus around them.


2 My next best topic was – M.E – What would you do if you had a child in your class with M.E and how would you support them etc

I chose this topic to chat about becasue as many of know you follow me on twitter that my sister has M.E and its something that is definly undercovered in the media and many GPs and some people still think its fake and ii wanted the raise awareness of it as lots of children have it and some schools arent very good at supporting and understanding it my sister was fed up at her old school and they never seemed to understand lucky we moved to huntingdon where my family lives now and she goes to a different school now they have been really good so i wanted to see what ukedchat community thought and how would they a child in there class etc.


3 My final topic im going to explain about is – SEN – what can we do to help children to  get on at schools with autism etc

I chose this topic as autism is quite stong thing to me as i have spiceil needs and i wanted to genreal learn more about it and see what ukedchat community thought of it like which things they use in the classroom to help the children in the class with autism


The topic that won in the vote was number 3 (SEN – what can we do to help children to  get on at schools with autism etc) so that evening before it i got all my questions ready soon by i know it had started and it started of very feel and it was very to keep up with everything and if i could give a tip to someone who was hosting for the first time i would say dont get sidetracked overall i felt it went very there were some sad stories shared and some great idea to use in the classroom with children with autism and some good videos to learn more about it

i did a summrary for ukedchat and if you would like to read in full what was said here is the link the bit is my report than then you get to bottem white bit thats the start of it. some of my report many not make sence to so i do apologise about that

if you any questions about ukedcat or would like to share you view on my best 3 topic or would like to say something about how the ukedchat went then please do comment i do always appreciate it

Thank you Tom






Autism Ukedchat Tonight

Hi all as most of you know im hosting tonight ukedchat which the topic is going be  – What can we do to help children with autism to get on at school? i hope enjoy tonights chat and i hope we can all take something from tonight. for those that dont much about it. ukedchat is a chat every thursday night with all people to do with teaching and what happens is that everyone chats about a topic. it normaly starts at 8pm which is tonight so join me tonight using the harshtag #ukedchat and you can follow me on twitter to keep up with what im saying as im hosting.

Thanks Tom