Panorama (I want my baby back)

Hello all

This is a blog post about the panorama programme that was on tonight. Called I want my baby back. and I haven’t watched it but I will watch it tomorrow and share my thoughts after watching it but these are my thoughts before watching it.

I haven’t watched the panorama programme about (I want my baby back) yet but i will watch it tomorrow. I think its wrong when they get taken away for the wrong reasons and that’s disgraceful. but also because generally in life we most of the time hear all about the bad things on TV that people don’t realise that lots do get taken away because of abuse or concerns etc. its certainly a job I don’t think I would want to do because 1 if you don’t make a choice to take the child away and something happened you would be to blame and for also if they do it the other way around its the same really expect you would to be blame for that – the child shouldn’t of been taken away and so on.. if you get my point?

I think from seeing other peoples post about similar things saying like SS (Social Services  and doctors etc aren’t always right and the idea others and you want is that  – People to be always alright and I think that would be great if we could live in a world where we are always right to stop mistakes happening in like SS (Social Services) but sadly that isn’t every going to happen and none of us are always right. and I suppose if life was like that  based on views then life would be boring.
If you haven’t watched the programme or even if you have please share with me in the comment section how can we get things right in SS (Social Services)?. All I ask is that you don’t give the programme too much away for those that haven’t watched it.
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