Hello all its that time of year again where its only a few days or for me a few hours until the new year and once again here I am doing my blog post for this year its – Nurture1314. For those you don’t know about the Nurture Blogposts it all started last year 2012 at the end of the year I cant remember wholes idea it was the concept is that you right/blog post about so many things from that year in the case of 2012 – 12 positive or so not positive things that happened and then 13 things for 2013 for hopes for the next year so in the Nurture13/14 case im going to write/mention 13 positive or not so positive things that has happened the past year and then 14 hopes for 2014.

Well where do I start…….Here I go 🙂

13 Positive/Not So Positive Things That Happened The Past Year

1 – Well the year started on a not so positive start as many of my Twitter/Facebook and Face to Face Friends will know that my parents sadly spit up which was a real shame and I do still blame myself for it as helped my mum find this certain person old school friend back in her day about 20 or years ago on Facebook and we found him, Although I never expected it was going to be more than friends but I soon worked it out that she was cheating. However on a positive note things have improved oddly since she left I now get on with much better and also closer to my dad and I think me and my sister are even more closer which I will mention more later anyway back to the parents spit. at first I was quite upset about it and felt really down but I have now come to the conculissian that I am glad to see her not depressed  any more like we found she was and that she is now happy again and all that matters really is that she is happy we only live one we may aswell within reason make the most of it.

2 – on a positive note of course Oscar our dog is now amazingly 1 years old now and is so funny. In a way its interesting how he picks you up when you feel down he will go to Rachel a lot his (main career)  when she is down sometimes and also will come to me for hugs when I am down every so often. Its also interesting when we take Oscar for walks how makes a child’s day you can so tell when they smile and come see him and once he stopped a toddler crying. it must be a dog thing that I would like to find out more about its quite amazing really

3 – This is somewhat positive and not. GCSEs – As many of you who know me well will know I started doing GCSE English in September and it all started very well and we started reading OF Mice And Men Book. But around November/December I had health proberms relation to my teeth see more below but due to the proberms mainy from that I got behind with my GCSE English work and was recommend to restart the GCSE English course next September which will be September 2014 . –

4 – Not so positive – Teeth: as mentioned above I have had some health proberms relating to my teeth they looked quite awful and they were in so much pain I went into hospital for an urgent booked appointment to have them seen and have work on them infact the dentist there said they had not seen so bad teeth  in a 20 year old before, what was mainly wrong was that there was a infection  on one my front teeth that had a hole in between another front tooth and if I had left it which I wasn’t going to do I the infection could of spread to other areas of my body and I may of died!  its probably time to explain why they were like that.. well since I have been young I have hated brushing my teeth and never kept up with it so much as I should of done as I grew older I just never brushed my teeth apart from every once in a while prior to this problem I hadn’t done my teeth for about a year at least! so you could probably image  how bad they were..  anyway   I have now had some work on them and there Is more to go but I am now committed to doing my teeth and i do them every day now and im glad I am now getting them sorted. I hope I haven’t scared you too much with all that 🙂

5 – Not so Positive – Just about 1 month or so before my mum cheated and my parents spit. My sister came out to us all and told us that she had been self harming. I remember when she came out she broke down and it made me very sad as we are very close, although I knew something was up no one did listen to me which was a shame. She doesn’t know why she started it but anyway she went for some CBT and is now on some depressing Medicine. And has now stopped self harm. The reason I wanted to share this you all though is that she said the CBT didn’t help but the depressing Medicine does to some extent but one evening she said to me: You know what you saved my life and I cant thank you enough. Infact she even said i would be a great School Counsellor/Children’s Counseller or Learning Mentor which i am very much already interested in but i will go on to that below in another this positive thing.  I had been supporting her showing that she could get better and believing in her and it was mainly all down to that. that has helped. I got quite emotional  when she said that which bring me onto a another thing below.

6 – Quite a positive thing –  Getting a certain job – After all that happened with Rachel I am now very interested even more so in Teaching but before I teach I would like to work in a family support role  as many of you know I would like to become a learning mentor and that fits that bill but also I am looking at other roles like Family Support Worker or Home School Worker etc I feel my experience with helping Rachel in a way has helped me that I would like to do that role very much more and has got me right into it and if I can do what I did and helped like I did with Rachel and then I will making a difference.

7 – Very Positive – SENChat – As Many of you know 2013 this year has been a great year for me in terms projects wise. In July time about 8 months ago! I setup #SENChat and what a great idea it was. For those you don’t know #SENChat is a weekly chat on Twitter about everything to do with special needs! we have our chats every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm and so far its been a great experience and it has been taken up very well I was worried a bit when I set up #SENChat as the day after we launched TES came along with their own which I was if I am honest a little annoyed as it felt like they had copied my idea and as they have a stronger following as they are a leading education newspaper they could of stopped mine from running if I hadn’t got any interest in mine. But after a couple of messages to one another we agreed that we wouldn’t promote each others and would our own ones on a different time and day so we wouldn’t make people confused! And so far its gone very well and we are starting up again after Christmas And New Year. and #SENChat has been going for 8 months now! which is totally amazing and i have more plans for it for 2014 so watch out! 🙂

8 – Another Positive Thing – About 1 month ago now i had the great chance of joining the 5SC Word Challenge Team which has been great and i am looking forward to commenting on more of the children’s blog posts after the Christmas and New Year break. Thanks to @TheHeadsOffice for allowing me to join the team 🙂 Which now leads me onto another thing!

9 – Positive – Twitter: Twitter has been great over the past year i cant believe i have now been on it for 3 years or so now since 2009 when i was around 16/17 although i followed anyone then i started using propery it about 2 years so and i cant believe that has been so long. I love all my twitter friends lots of them pick me up when i am down aswell as Facebook friends but i use twitter more as my teacher/education network but just tweeting about general life at the same time. i am hoping to meet a few twitter friends in 2014! so here’s to that!

10 – Another Positive thing! – My Health! – Has improved over the past year although part of has got worse i do general feel more happier in my self which is good which i will mention on my last positive note.

11 – Positive again! – School Governor – A tiny of you may know this but some of you wont as I didn’t tell many people but I applied to become a school governor at the start of the year in 2013 and the LA that I applied to didn’t really get back. I applied again with SGOSS and funny enough my application few them went to the same LA i applied directly with which i didn’t know would happen 😛 anyway they found. a school vacancy for me and passed my details on to this school. Update – although it look them a while to get in touch they now have and I am on the final stages of becoming a school governor 🙂

12 – Another Positive Thing – My Future Plans – How the year has gone and the things and life experiences it has thrown at me and has funny enough helped me with my plans for the future which you will see more soon but i am very interested in teaching even more and from my experiences and mainly  Rachel experiences with her health proberms etc. I am interested in doing a family support type role even more than I did and I would like be in a family support role before hopefully going into teaching!  to help with all that I have also started a child care course and i have only just started it and its going well 🙂

13 – The Best Positive Overall –  Of course i cant forgot back in July time as many of you know –  I asked someone out and they said yes and o which bring me to my wonderful Girlfriend Claire – who has been totally amazing and very supportive few the year since i have been with her and has been there for me when i have been down.. She has made so much more happier and i cant thank her enough. here is a photo of us together 🙂

Me and My lovey wonderful Girlfriend Claire - For you Claire xxx

Me and My lovey wonderful Girlfriend Claire – For you Claire xxx


That’s the end of 13 Positive or not Positive things that happened in 2013!


Right onto 14 hopes for 2014

1 – For Rachel to keep improving with her proberms as she means the world to me as she knows.

2 – To keep up with my work on my teeth proberms

3 – I would also like start sorting my health proberms as some of you know i have OCD. i would quite like to be sorted so it don’t stress me out so much. and other general health proberms are similar to that. Its going to be hard but bring it on.

4 – To started reading more. I have read more this year but i would like to read a lot a lot more than I do as I have some amazing books that i got for my 21st birthday which come to think of was another positive thing that happened in 2013.

5 – To carry on with my Childcare course and to complete and pass it which will help with my future plans.

6 – To get ready for my GCSE English again for September 2014. One way I can do that is like I have mentioned above and that is to read more. Also im going to buy some lower level English Course Book aswell as course books on GCSE English to get my ready to restart the GCSE English course for like i said above September 2014!

7 – To learn to say No! more and stop letting others from letting me do my work when they come and detracked me like they been while doing this big long blog post!

8 – To check my spelling more mainy on Twitter as it really annoys me when i don’t do it right then again its only twitter probably that something i would like to do because of my OCD. we will see anyway!

9 – To become a school governor with one or the other LA also that school  doesn’t to get back – i would still like to be a school governor maybe due to the fact they are in SM is why they have been taken so long to get in touch and maybe if I join them as a school governor i can sort them out and help make a difference!
10 – I would like to get into politics more. i have got into it more this year and i just about currently am a supporter of labour. I would like to become a labour member which i will promise to get sorted! I want Gove out of education and i would like to see him lose his job!

11- Never the less i do like Free Schools are one of Gove’s ideas. Many of my friends though don’t like them but i do and i would like to visit some for a plan for the future..

12 –  Carry on developing #SENChat and start my what is special needs project traveling to schools. doing disability awareness lesson and getting the schools and people generally to sign the billboard of what is special needs. If you would like more please do get in touch 🙂

13 Work towards my future plans mentioned above but i will do a blog post more in the future about but try get some work experience or a job that is similar or related so I can work towards me getting a job in a family support role.. and working towards becoming a primary school teacher

14 – And of course last of all but the best keep my  relationship going with and Claire and general hoping we can start chatting more and seeing one another as i love her to bits 🙂


That’s it. I hope enjoyed reading all that. it took 3 hours or so to write so i hope you enjoyed reading my #Nurture1314 blog post and please do get in touch if you want to Twitter is @DJTom 🙂

Thanks For Reading
Tom 🙂

Photo Project Day 2

Hi again we are now on day 2.


Photo Project 365
Day 2 – Xbox Kinect

– Photo wont upload becasue of size please be with me while i try and sort it.  mean time you can view it on my twitter @DJTom3 or facebook at Thomas Norman


30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 2 – Something that makes you smile.




infomation for the photo coming soon

Well there are a lot of things that I could pick that makes smile there is my laptop I know its funny but hey there you go, theres my family which is my mum and dad and my si…ster who is amazing, but I picked for something which makes me smile is sweep our cat and he is lovely and is quite remakeable really as he was dumped on the A14 in cambs which is a moterway type road along with 4 other kittens in a box and lucky they were found although I think one died the others were taken to wood green and 8 years ago we went to wood green to pick a cat and we chose one them and it was boy  and we called him sweep and here he is. He was also been few quite a lot as he had 2 injury’s the first one we think it was a car but it could have been anything as he used to expore a lot and go in the wood and fields which was wasn’t far from our old house and the 2nd was when  he was out again too and we not sure what happened to him then but now he is quite scared of car and very much of lorrys . weirdly enough he loves getting boxes still now you would of thought he would hate them as we was dumped in one but maybe he remember all his brothers and sisters when he sees one and wants to get in it. Here is sweep now in the photo above he is now nearly 8 and half and this what he always does when we get his food out for him isn’t it cute 🙂 That’s the remakeable  story of our cat



Photo Self Portait Project
Day 2

and guess what this one wont uplad too 🙁  anyone else have photo sizes proberm on wordpress like this? –  mean time you can view on my twitter @DJTom3 or facebook at Thomas Norman


sorry everyone hope i can get this sorted. if you have had this proberm before let me know as i would like to know how to sort it.






Photo Projects Day 1

Welcome to my first post of 2013. this year im going to be doing a few photo projects infact im doing 3. im doing 365 photo project which i will share my photo on here in a blog post and also i will be shareing them on shuttercal. my link to my profile is here – http://www.shuttercal.com/calendar/DJTom3/

also i will be doing 30 day photo challenge all the infomation is here if you want to join in – http://natty08.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/30-day-photo-challenge/22729173089065600_niznwr7m_c/

also the 3rd one im doing is a photo self protrait of me every day for the whole year. it should be interesting to see how i change over the year lol. anyway here it goes.


Photo Project 365
Day 1 – Oscar And Rachel

Oscar our puppy who is now 4 months old doesnt time go fast and rachel my sister.


30 Day Photo Challenge.
Day 1 – Self Portait



Photo Self Portait Project
Day 1.



Thanks for reading/looking. i would love to hear your comments on the photo projects or photos so are welcome to comment.




Well here it is its the end of year of 2012 and what year it has been in genaral and in my family too. i have seen many other doing blog post idea of 12 highlights of 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013 so here it goes

12 Highlights of 2012


1 – Moving House: my family moved house this year from bar hill which i think we had out grown as we were there all our childhood and we moved to huntingdon which may has a bit more crime but in genareal i think the area i live in is very nice here is a photo of our old house that we moved from  –

Our old house

Our old house

2 – I made a blog which i have always wanted to do and thanks to Ian addision twitter name is – @ianaddison that all become possible with this help your reading this blog post and hopefully this blog will stay with me for many years.


3 London 2012 Olympics: it was an amazing year in sport and lucky here in the UK we had the olympics come for the 3rd time and it great we went to 2 events horse equestion and tennis where andy murrey won his olympic gold and we went to another event to do with london 2012 but i will mention that as another highlight.


Olympics + Others 060 Olympics Ring To Remind Us Of London 2012



iphone pictures 119 – London 2012 Olympics Touch

Olympics + Others 118 – London 2012 Olympics House Equestion

Olympics Tennis 114 London 2012 Olympics – Andy Murrey Olympic Gold Winner – Tennis


4 Parolympics Closing Ceremony – Now you may be wondering why i havent just called it Parolympics but i havent done that becasue my family and i went to the parolympics closing ceremony and it was amazing i will never forgot and i know if my granmda was still live she would loved have seen the olympics on TV or even gone to them. anyway neverless it was truly amazing and a bonus was that i met a friend from a course i did with OU at the parolympics closing ceremony only just a few seats down from us.



5 Twitter – i made some great frends on twitter this year and they been great a few of them are @mobo40 @cherrylkd – they are just a few but there are many more but my network on twitter has grown quite alot and thank you to everyone who have had great tallks with on twitter.


6 Getting a job: well sort of anyway as i was offered to do voluntary at a primary school sadly becasue of health issus im hopefully starting in 2013 but that is defo one of my highlights of 2012 as its the start of my career.


7 Getting a Puppy: – we got a puppy at the start of december ish time and he has been great he is called Oscar and he certinly is a character and full of energy its a bit like having a baby apprently my mum says here is a photo of Oscar. DSCF1888

i have now run out of other highlights of this year which is a shame but i have my best and i think just leave at this although i may come back to this a in a few days when i come up with so more if not i my add just photo for the remaiming highlights.


see if i can do better with this

My 13 Hopes For 2013


1 – Get My Health Better – i think that is one of my biggest hopes for 2013 and what i mean by that is get my axitcly sort and if i can do that i think i will feel better in my self in genreal i already have brought a book to read called Happy Adults by cathy glass and i have another book coming too hopefully.


2 Start Voluntary – that is another big hope for 2013 and if i can start to improve in my axitcy hopefully in januray i can start working at the primary school i have mentioned as as a learning mentor and although you will be helping children proberms i think i will do at it as some in a way might relate to me.


3 Start Working – i would also like to start working next year and try to get some money for myself as i dont have much money at the money that is something that i really like to get sorted next year even on a saturday would do as i would hope to still do my voluntary.


4 Photographer – i would like to improve in photography next year and there is someone down our road who does photography as a job so i might do some work experience with him and also just more work in photography and i mean by that by improve as i feel my photographer this year been up and down and i hope to get some lighting and make a studio weather that happens or not is another thing.


5 Read More – this is my new year relevtions and its to read more as you can see, i havent that many books this year but i would defo like to read lots of books next year and seeing as i got lots of books for christmas that will be a start one the books i got i will add a photo of in the next few days.


6 365 Project – going back to photography for a hope i would like to complate a 365 project next year i did one last year in the middie of it and did ok up untill when the olympics were as there was lot of watching tv etc i missed a few days but next year im determind to do it.


7 Move Out – as you may of read above i dont have much money although i have gramdma she gave me i could use i could move out and depending what my money is like at the middie stage of next year will depand if i can move out or not maybe with a friend but i would be looking to renting i guess we will see if that happens.


8 Eduction: now on to the edction stuff i would like michael gove to wake and the goverment and relise what they doing they make teachers look like they cant do there jobs but in fact there bloody well can i highy delt micheal gove would do very well if was a teacher and in honestly i hope he leaves most people are fed up of him he had his chance i think its time for someone else to step in who that person would be im not sure comment and let me know.


9 Dyslexia Training – i would like all uni doing teacher training to have dyslexia training in there courses i think its one of those things that is hard to spot with out knowing the signs so i think it would new teachers in to the teaching world to know how to spot it and know how to help the children with it. there many things that i think teachers need training in to do with SEN at there unis but i think that would be a start i did question on twitter a few weeks for a friend nearly everyone but 1 said yes to dyslexia training at unis.  i would love to hear your thoughts.


10 College – i would like to start going to college as some of you know i was supposed to start a pre acces course last september but they changed there mind for some reason and they took my place away as they changed there mind about it which i dont think was fair but anyhow i hope to start college anyway.


11 courses – i would also like to do some courses as in distance learning ones and i would like to start a TA Level one course so hopefully next september i can go my OU course called supporting learning in a primary school which is Level 4 but apprently it is ok to jump too,


12 Fairer Uni Fees – i feel stonly about this i think the uni fees shouldnt of gone up and in fact should of gone down i cant see happening but i will mention it anyway


13 – No More Bad Cuts – are you listening goverment i would lik  you not to make more bad cuts in areas that are important like in eduction for example


Thats it i have done it they are my 13 hopes for 2013 i would you enjoyed readed them i would love to hear what you think. Tom – oct 1 2012 219