Well here it is its the end of year of 2012 and what year it has been in genaral and in my family too. i have seen many other doing blog post idea of 12 highlights of 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013 so here it goes

12 Highlights of 2012


1 – Moving House: my family moved house this year from bar hill which i think we had out grown as we were there all our childhood and we moved to huntingdon which may has a bit more crime but in genareal i think the area i live in is very nice here is a photo of our old house that we moved from  –

Our old house

Our old house

2 – I made a blog which i have always wanted to do and thanks to Ian addision twitter name is – @ianaddison that all become possible with this help your reading this blog post and hopefully this blog will stay with me for many years.


3 London 2012 Olympics: it was an amazing year in sport and lucky here in the UK we had the olympics come for the 3rd time and it great we went to 2 events horse equestion and tennis where andy murrey won his olympic gold and we went to another event to do with london 2012 but i will mention that as another highlight.


Olympics + Others 060 Olympics Ring To Remind Us Of London 2012



iphone pictures 119 – London 2012 Olympics Touch

Olympics + Others 118 – London 2012 Olympics House Equestion

Olympics Tennis 114 London 2012 Olympics – Andy Murrey Olympic Gold Winner – Tennis


4 Parolympics Closing Ceremony – Now you may be wondering why i havent just called it Parolympics but i havent done that becasue my family and i went to the parolympics closing ceremony and it was amazing i will never forgot and i know if my granmda was still live she would loved have seen the olympics on TV or even gone to them. anyway neverless it was truly amazing and a bonus was that i met a friend from a course i did with OU at the parolympics closing ceremony only just a few seats down from us.



5 Twitter – i made some great frends on twitter this year and they been great a few of them are @mobo40 @cherrylkd – they are just a few but there are many more but my network on twitter has grown quite alot and thank you to everyone who have had great tallks with on twitter.


6 Getting a job: well sort of anyway as i was offered to do voluntary at a primary school sadly becasue of health issus im hopefully starting in 2013 but that is defo one of my highlights of 2012 as its the start of my career.


7 Getting a Puppy: – we got a puppy at the start of december ish time and he has been great he is called Oscar and he certinly is a character and full of energy its a bit like having a baby apprently my mum says here is a photo of Oscar. DSCF1888

i have now run out of other highlights of this year which is a shame but i have my best and i think just leave at this although i may come back to this a in a few days when i come up with so more if not i my add just photo for the remaiming highlights.


see if i can do better with this

My 13 Hopes For 2013


1 – Get My Health Better – i think that is one of my biggest hopes for 2013 and what i mean by that is get my axitcly sort and if i can do that i think i will feel better in my self in genreal i already have brought a book to read called Happy Adults by cathy glass and i have another book coming too hopefully.


2 Start Voluntary – that is another big hope for 2013 and if i can start to improve in my axitcy hopefully in januray i can start working at the primary school i have mentioned as as a learning mentor and although you will be helping children proberms i think i will do at it as some in a way might relate to me.


3 Start Working – i would also like to start working next year and try to get some money for myself as i dont have much money at the money that is something that i really like to get sorted next year even on a saturday would do as i would hope to still do my voluntary.


4 Photographer – i would like to improve in photography next year and there is someone down our road who does photography as a job so i might do some work experience with him and also just more work in photography and i mean by that by improve as i feel my photographer this year been up and down and i hope to get some lighting and make a studio weather that happens or not is another thing.


5 Read More – this is my new year relevtions and its to read more as you can see, i havent that many books this year but i would defo like to read lots of books next year and seeing as i got lots of books for christmas that will be a start one the books i got i will add a photo of in the next few days.


6 365 Project – going back to photography for a hope i would like to complate a 365 project next year i did one last year in the middie of it and did ok up untill when the olympics were as there was lot of watching tv etc i missed a few days but next year im determind to do it.


7 Move Out – as you may of read above i dont have much money although i have gramdma she gave me i could use i could move out and depending what my money is like at the middie stage of next year will depand if i can move out or not maybe with a friend but i would be looking to renting i guess we will see if that happens.


8 Eduction: now on to the edction stuff i would like michael gove to wake and the goverment and relise what they doing they make teachers look like they cant do there jobs but in fact there bloody well can i highy delt micheal gove would do very well if was a teacher and in honestly i hope he leaves most people are fed up of him he had his chance i think its time for someone else to step in who that person would be im not sure comment and let me know.


9 Dyslexia Training – i would like all uni doing teacher training to have dyslexia training in there courses i think its one of those things that is hard to spot with out knowing the signs so i think it would new teachers in to the teaching world to know how to spot it and know how to help the children with it. there many things that i think teachers need training in to do with SEN at there unis but i think that would be a start i did question on twitter a few weeks for a friend nearly everyone but 1 said yes to dyslexia training at unis.  i would love to hear your thoughts.


10 College – i would like to start going to college as some of you know i was supposed to start a pre acces course last september but they changed there mind for some reason and they took my place away as they changed there mind about it which i dont think was fair but anyhow i hope to start college anyway.


11 courses – i would also like to do some courses as in distance learning ones and i would like to start a TA Level one course so hopefully next september i can go my OU course called supporting learning in a primary school which is Level 4 but apprently it is ok to jump too,


12 Fairer Uni Fees – i feel stonly about this i think the uni fees shouldnt of gone up and in fact should of gone down i cant see happening but i will mention it anyway


13 – No More Bad Cuts – are you listening goverment i would lik  you not to make more bad cuts in areas that are important like in eduction for example


Thats it i have done it they are my 13 hopes for 2013 i would you enjoyed readed them i would love to hear what you think. Tom – oct 1 2012 219