Nurture 14/15

Hello all.

Its time of year again where we all bloggers post our nurture 14/15 blogs post. Here is mine.

What a great year i have had i have had one amazing year yes there has been downs but i pefer to focus on the positives so here we go

Review of the year

1 Glasgow 2014 – Well i cant start this without mentioning this in 1st Place and its Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. As many of you know i was part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games! – I was a closing ceremony performer!! and what an amazing experience it was im so grateful to lots of people which some are mentioned more below.. But in the new year look out for a new blog post/posts about my experience

2 – Staying in Scotland – 2nd has to be staying in Scotland with Susie when i was part of Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. she is an amazing woman and very nice for taken me in without meeting before. If it wasn’t for i wouldn’t of been able to take part in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony!

3 – Friends – I have made some great new friends mainy from being part of Glasgow 2014 and also alot of new twitter and facebook friends and i thank you all πŸ™‚

4 – Twitter – i am pleased this year i have got an even bigger following on Twitter now from this year.

5 – Autism Facebook Group – This group has been a great help towards the end of this year and made some friends who totally understand.

6 – Mum – Me and mum have improved our friendship again and i now put a side what goes on between my parents and just try and let them get on with it

7 – Growing Up – i have grown up this year in many ways and mum even commented on it in relation to the above.



My plans for 2015 Β – I want to achieve even more this year this may sounds odd but you just watch me prove people wrong!

1 – Get a job – i really need and want a job and in 2015 this is going to be my target!

2 – Start a relationship/family- i know it may odd at my young age of 22 but i feel sometime this year i would like to work towards it. The first thing Β to do is find that special someone.

3 – Help Around The House More – If im honest dad has done alot of me and so i would like to help him back where he would like me too.

4 – Blog More – Just take a look at this blog! its so empty and so i would like to start blogging a alot more.

5 – Get SENChat even bigger – Simple isnt it i would like to make it even bigger than it already is and i have plans in place to do that.


Thanks for reading
Tom πŸ™‚ x



Note – This will be added to over the next couple of days or so πŸ™‚