Photo Projects Day 1

Welcome to my first post of 2013. this year im going to be doing a few photo projects infact im doing 3. im doing 365 photo project which i will share my photo on here in a blog post and also i will be shareing them on shuttercal. my link to my profile is here –

also i will be doing 30 day photo challenge all the infomation is here if you want to join in –

also the 3rd one im doing is a photo self protrait of me every day for the whole year. it should be interesting to see how i change over the year lol. anyway here it goes.


Photo Project 365
Day 1 РOscar And Rachel

Oscar our puppy who is now 4 months old doesnt time go fast and rachel my sister.


30 Day Photo Challenge.
Day 1 – Self Portait



Photo Self Portait Project
Day 1.



Thanks for reading/looking. i would love to hear your comments on the photo projects or photos so are welcome to comment.



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