Photo Project Day 2

Hi again we are now on day 2.


Photo Project 365
Day 2 – Xbox Kinect

– Photo wont upload becasue of size please be with me while i try and sort it.  mean time you can view it on my twitter @DJTom3 or facebook at Thomas Norman


30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 2 – Something that makes you smile.




infomation for the photo coming soon

Well there are a lot of things that I could pick that makes smile there is my laptop I know its funny but hey there you go, theres my family which is my mum and dad and my si…ster who is amazing, but I picked for something which makes me smile is sweep our cat and he is lovely and is quite remakeable really as he was dumped on the A14 in cambs which is a moterway type road along with 4 other kittens in a box and lucky they were found although I think one died the others were taken to wood green and 8 years ago we went to wood green to pick a cat and we chose one them and it was boy  and we called him sweep and here he is. He was also been few quite a lot as he had 2 injury’s the first one we think it was a car but it could have been anything as he used to expore a lot and go in the wood and fields which was wasn’t far from our old house and the 2nd was when  he was out again too and we not sure what happened to him then but now he is quite scared of car and very much of lorrys . weirdly enough he loves getting boxes still now you would of thought he would hate them as we was dumped in one but maybe he remember all his brothers and sisters when he sees one and wants to get in it. Here is sweep now in the photo above he is now nearly 8 and half and this what he always does when we get his food out for him isn’t it cute 🙂 That’s the remakeable  story of our cat



Photo Self Portait Project
Day 2

and guess what this one wont uplad too 🙁  anyone else have photo sizes proberm on wordpress like this? –  mean time you can view on my twitter @DJTom3 or facebook at Thomas Norman


sorry everyone hope i can get this sorted. if you have had this proberm before let me know as i would like to know how to sort it.






Photo Projects Day 1

Welcome to my first post of 2013. this year im going to be doing a few photo projects infact im doing 3. im doing 365 photo project which i will share my photo on here in a blog post and also i will be shareing them on shuttercal. my link to my profile is here –

also i will be doing 30 day photo challenge all the infomation is here if you want to join in –

also the 3rd one im doing is a photo self protrait of me every day for the whole year. it should be interesting to see how i change over the year lol. anyway here it goes.


Photo Project 365
Day 1 – Oscar And Rachel

Oscar our puppy who is now 4 months old doesnt time go fast and rachel my sister.


30 Day Photo Challenge.
Day 1 – Self Portait



Photo Self Portait Project
Day 1.



Thanks for reading/looking. i would love to hear your comments on the photo projects or photos so are welcome to comment.