Hello I’m sure many people will know from my facebook and twitter account that I have now got voluntary but I thought I would post about it here

The Voluntary

I e-mailed the first school I had on my list since making this blog and they got back to me and they offered voluntary Yay!. Some information about  the voluntary is that it is at a school in peterborough and I will be a volunteer learning mentor for 1 week and then after that the school will looking to see if they can offer me something longer which I’m hoping they will be able to for a year to get me the experience to then go on to a part time or full time job as a learning mentor

The Question

now I do a have a question about it and thought it would be perfect to post it here, does anyone know what they will allow me and not allow me to do as volunteer learning mentor for a week and also they haven’t asked for a CRB too so take that in mind and you can answer that question in comments if you want

Thanks for reading and if you have subscribe to this blog and new post comes up in your e-mail box let me know as I’m not sure if its working.


2 thoughts on “Voluntary

  1. Well done for getting the opportunity. If they haven’t asked for CRB you are not going to be on your own with young people. It is a super chance for you to show just what you can do. Well done Tom!

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