Hello And Welcome


hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post i would like to thank ian addison who helped me make this blog mainy sorting the host bit and a few other small things than that its all my own work.

if you havent already ready my about page here it is below

Hello and welcome to my teaching blog. My name is Tom and I’m from Huntingdon I’m 19 so I’m still quite young, although I do have special needs but I don’t let that get in my way! but sorry about my spelling/grammer.  At the moment im currently working on becoming a learning mentor and then I will hopefully go on to be a teacher in the future

im  interested in cooking,sport and i support histon fc who beat leeds united in the fa cup and man united in football and i have had football trials myself. im a keen photographer aswell and i recently passed a course in photography with the OU. and im starting to get into psychology. i live at home still at the moment with my parents and my sister who has M.E you might know that if you follow me on twitter and you might see  me blog about those type of  interests on this blog

i hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post and i would welcome any feeback and topics for the future. comments welcome below

Thanks for reading